Friday, April 2, 2010


Pastor Frances Chan describes a relationship that demonstrates a real romantic LOVE STORY! "I remember the devotion of your youth" Like a young bride so thrilled by her passionate JOY in her love relationship! We were in LOVE! Why did you leave me? I thought I was everything to you, what happened? Why did you leave the refreshing spring of our flowing love for a broken dry well? What did I not give you? How glad I was to offer you a rich inheiritance and protect you, but you were unfaithful, why? There is nothing I would not do for you! Do not choose a whim over Me! Don't be fooled by EMPTY temptations. Turn to Me and I will take you back.

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  1. King Solomon dedicated the temple he had built to HONOR the Name of the Lord with this prayer "that He may incline our hearts to Himself, to walk in all His ways, and to keep His commandments and His statutes and His judgments, which He commanded our fathers"
    (1 Kings 8:58).

    Lord God enable us, incline, compel, and move our hearts to You this day. We acknowledge that our hearts are wicked and prone to wonder ---- therefore, we pray oh God that You would bind our hearts to Thee. Lord Jesus, thank You for the Holy Spirit and help us submit to His prompting this day. We ask that You set our feet upon solid ground, and upon the narrow way, that we might walk in all Your ways, and be delivered from the ways of man. Oh God, than You for the Your mercy and grace as we rely on Thee to enable us to obey Your commandments, statutes, and judgements. Thank You Father, that as we desire these things, and as we fail in these things, that You oh Lord continue to forgive our short-somings as the Holy Spirit convicts us to confess. Our desire is to glorify Your holy Name, and in the name of Jesus Christ we ask and praise Your blessed will. Amen.

    When our hearts are truly yielded to Him, we will walk in all of His ways and our desire will be for His word; to keep it and obey it.