Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Pat Robertson ran for president in the past and CBN NEWS, a Christian station keeps you informed with the truth in world news. Radical Islam seated in DC? France goes broke? The straight talk reporting is mixed with POSITIVE reports of prayers answered. Pat assures us that God does not want His children to be sick, broke or homeless. A non-believing man addicted to inflicting pain gets saved. A word of knowledge given to Pat - and the Holy Spirit heals a body stiff with pain, tumors vanish, cancers get evicted, and a crazed mind is calmed. Who created a bird with intricate feathers to fly? A caterpillar with the wisdom to transform into a butterfly? Lord Jesus we listen, and watch as You build our confidence with each season and sunrise, and the miraculous testimonies of people who discounted the bible, Your word and existence. God we ask that You increase our faith because we want to know You more, not as a bible bum, but with our whole hearts and minds. VICTORY begins with surrendering the resistance in our minds to the POWER of GOD. Give us the courage to look to You, to let go of our doubts and to come to You Lord, as we are, broken and desperate for Your healing touch. Fill us with Your peace and allow Your joy to be our joy. AMEN - WATCH this CLIP: The 700 Club - November 8, 2011