Friday, February 4, 2011


Like Alice in Wonderland, I was speechless with admiration for it’s wild and sublime grandeur. A torrent of power and beauty washed over me and through me with a loud, spirit filled silence that spoke eloquently and profoundly, that God does imperially and emphatically exist. Transfixed with an exalted sense of being, my eyes dripped with tremendous tears of emotion as they gazed upon the silent vista across Silver Lake. The towering granite cliffs and the snow melt avalanche of fresh water that fills the lake is surrounded by a grand grove of majestic Sequoia trees that have weathered 2,000 years ~ Their twiggy limbs stretch up in praise of the One who created them. What a gift from our loving Father, whose great delight it is to usher His children along into a Disneyland that twirls us about to give thanks to our beloved Dad! Absolutely enchanted by Dad’s great joy in witnessing my discovery of all that He has done for me, I descended into the hypnotic romance of Plasse’s Resort. Forever after this personal experience so long ago, I became a zealot, an absolute fanatic of God’s creation. With quaking hesitation I humbly give God the glory with this simple utterance intended to glorify God Almighty. I am filled with honor for His thought of what would delight me, what would speak to me ~ to assure me with such overwhelming confidence that my Father; the Creator of all things did this for my pleasure and knowledge of Him. AMAZING! My words beg to not diminish His purpose in creating the seasons, the snow, and the scripture of nature. What a treasure to look up at what appears to be an old gothic cathedral of rocks with spires that point up ~ to the glorious happy works of God. Every tree and bush grew from a seed planted with a great purpose. The natural grace and charm of Plasse’s Resort uplifts, regenerates and washes the mind and spirit of all who visit.

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