Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Link We all Need

Linking the world to a New Life in Christ, one soul at a time. I was thrilled to hear and meet Dr Manny Fernandez, the current Chariman of World Link Ministries on Sunday July 31, 2011. His passion to see people come to Christ and to return to Christ inspired me. Just like the stories Jesus tells us all in Luke 15, I pray that on this day that my son will be restored according to God's will. The great JOY of finding the lost sheep, the excitement of the lost coin recovered, and the MIRACLE of the prodigal son who comes back home! Dr Manny wrote this story about a man he met in his travels named Alberto. Manny wrote: "Alberto was horribly lost in the depths of vice, the pride of life, and the rotten fruit of his bad friendships. I was on visitation when I met him; there was nothing that seemed special about the encounter for either of us. Alberto listened politely to what I had to say and even agreed to my dropping by for a visit whenever I was in the neighborhood. Shortly after the visit I found out that his nickname was “Wobbly” because he was notorious for his drinking. Just one week after the visit, his wife Martha surprised me by calling my cell phone. Martha was very upset. Alberto had left with his friends and she knew that this would mean another chapter of heavy drinking and bad consequences. Her outrage was even greater because Alberto had talked of a new beginning after I had visited him. Supposedly things were going to change! Martha was desperate because she had truly believed that this would be the new life she had hoped for. She asked me to please help her and Alberto! She wanted me to go across town and break up the party! That was audacious, bold, and unorthodox all at once. But it also would demonstrate that we were serious about a new life in Christ. So I went. My mission was clear: I was going to be the party pooper! It wasn’t hard to find the party house, the loud music gave it away. When I showed up at the door, all of the gaiety turned to embarrassment. I was as out of place as a bull in a china shop. The music stopped; the silence was suddenly deafening. Alberto announced to his drinking buddies, “I’d better go home now.” The meaningful chat that followed was not patronizing: it really was a painful recognition on his part that he had so quickly gone back on all his good intentions. Talking about becoming a spiritual leader for his family was far more awkward for him. He felt utterly unworthy. But Alberto was a very serious-minded individual. The experience touched him deeply and transformed him completely. He received Jesus as His Savior and he began a journey down the path of “the straight and narrow.” He was at every meeting we held, and we disciple him for ministry. In time he became the most dependable leader we had. His situation at work also improved and he became a supervisor." ~ WOW what an inspiring TRUE TALE of redemption by the simple telling, using plain yet vivid words, of how life without Christ is like a heart, or a bucket with a hole in it. Not much use! When we embrace God's plan to adopt us through Jesus Christ, and then use us for His glory, our life brightens with HOPE that our life does have meaning! Within the WORLD LINK MINISTRIES blog section Manny tells another story about the simple definition of a bucket list. According to the dictionaries Manny consulted: "it is a list of goals and experiences a person wants to enjoy before he or she kicks the bucket"!! WOW! Manny looked at a list of 1,000 ideas of what to put on your "bucket list" He was not surprised that most lists have no "eternal achievements" mentioned. Not even in the "spiritual ideas." According to the scripture Manny was studying regarding the condition of mans heart: "The heart condition that "ignores, spurns, rejects" a GOD AGENDA is known as Hardening of the heart or Sclerokardia! Sounds similar to a hardening of the arteries, otherwise known as arteriosclerosis." Another story Manny then shared: "I was reminded of a 77 year old who approached me in Cuba because he had been a hero in the Bay of Pigs Battle, but all the medals he had were only "tin junk." He wanted something to take with him to eternity! He asked if he could plant churches with us. My dilemma was whether he was serious or just wanted retirement pay?! Thankfully I gave him a chance… He planted 4 churches in the next four years. His eternal bucket was overflowing. More importantly, he kicked the bucket at 81, and his expressed regret was that he started so late. What is on your bucket list? Make the Lord smile with the contents!"


  1. Dr Manny Fernandez
    150 N MacArthur Blvd
    Irving, TX 75061-7400
    972-253-6800 USA office
    011-24.91.741.2900 SPAIN office

  2. Jesus is the HIGH PRIEST, the perfect PRIEST, the One Who is greater than Moses, Greater than Joshua, Greater than all who have ever spoken, wrote or taught. His blood is eternally enough to cover all our sins. The supremecy of Christ stampedes over any human system of justice. Make knowing Him more be a priority on your bucket list. Jesus was tempted but He did not sin, therefore He understands all. Come to Christ and rest in His grace, mercy and compassion.

    Hebrews 4:14
    Hebrews 10: 11-12

  3. Humans do not understand:
    Joy..until they face sorrow
    Faith..until it is tested
    Peace..until faced with conflict
    Trust..until they are betrayed
    Love..until it is lost
    Hope..until confronted with doubts

    YET Jesus Christ understands us all
    Author Unknown