Sunday, September 28, 2014


TAKE THIS CUP and pass it on!We were designed and assigned an awesome task by God. Our passion for Christ makes disciplining our minds a pleasurable encounter with His holy Word. God's Fire falls on the alter of our heart when we look to our heavenly Father. In LUKE 11:11 ~ Look how Jesus helps us to see our Daddy clearly, like a child trusting only good things from his Dad. God desires that we stop striving to study Him, and that we relax, like a child, and let our love for Him flow, like a refreshing breeze across our mind, and down into our heart. In MATTHEW 11:11 ~ Read and adjust how you see yourself. Greater than John the Babtist, is God's love for you! God wants us to know that He loves us with a passion, and He wants us to TAKE that TRUTH in deeply. WOW, now look in Revelation and learn that our Father looks at us with firery EYES of passion, with a burning love that catches us on fire for the things of God. We consume His word as our Bread of life, we drink in His life altering Love as a nutirient rich life Source, and we digest His every word with thanksgiving. We gladly sacrifice a sound of praise, our time, gifts and resources to make His ways known to others. His place in our soul, His home, is tenderly cared for that He is comfortable and welcome. Like a Lover speaks of their beloved, all the time, God thinks about us with a passion, all the time. God's Word is the greatest earthly treasure we can possess. Consider what God has done in you, then think of the testimony of the kings and priests before you. To sustain the move of God, and to experience His manifest Presence, choose to listen to the Spirit filled sermons online at Lake Chapala Baptist Church, or Quail Lakes Baptist Church.  With focused attention you build a contagious passion for what God is doing around the globe. We are His modern day witnesses. We get to SHINE and share our testimony and feel His delight. His tangible manifested Presence is available 24 hours a day! It therefore is easy to agree that life is too short to NOT burn hot for what GOD is NOW doing. Lord God we thank You for causing the synergy of our spirit filled body, our soul suit and our mind of Christ. Thank You for being available and listening to our constant prayers. "I pray that you would prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers." Lord Jesus, thank You for praying on my behalf, in a language that blesses God. We seek wholeness throughout the complex design of our body, mind, soul ~ and throughout "Your church body". We trust that You will finish the good work You began in all that pursue Thee, and in all those that You draw near by Your confounding, glorious ways. Oh Lord we draw near and PRAY blessings to You and genuine thanksgiving for all that You have done, and for all Your plans for us. We come to You with the confidence that Your promises give us. We feel Your presence, and we thank You for the bouyant JOY of the Holy Spirit. "But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Stockton, Lodi, Acampo, Santa Rosa, Loreto, Oregon, Arkansas and to the ends of the earth." ACTS 1:8 Whenever we PRAY scriptures, we experience the manifest presence of God, and we are instantly united with the Holy Spirit, for His word is truth, and when two or more gather, our Father is there ~ and we stand on Your word and speak words filled with faith. God tells us that He heard our first prayer, and we trust that our good Father supernaturally transfigures our situation SPEEDILY! 'How long will you be divided between two ways of thinking? If the Lord is God, follow Him. But if Baal is God, then follow him.' ELIJAH SAID `The God Who answers by fire, He is God....Seven times Elijah said, “Go again.” The seventh time, he said, “I see a cloud as small as a man’s hand coming up from the sea.” LESSON: BE PERSISTENT and PRAY daily like the widow! PUSH = pray until something happens! PRAY and never give up because God has heard you and He has set things in motion that will go above and beyond what you ask for. BELIEVE and PRAY each day about ALL THINGS, and PRAISE GOD for all things, even when we do not agree or understand, praise Him for His ways are best! AMEN


  1. PRAYER FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH: "This is why Jesus, our intercessor has never stopped praying for Jason and Barbara since He created us. I ask God that Jason and Barbara may know what He wants you to do. I ask our Father to fill both mother and son with the wisdom and understanding the Holy Spirit gives. Then your lives will please the Lord. You will do every kind of good work, and you will know more about God. I pray that God’s great power will make you strong, and that you will have JOY as you wait and do not give up. I pray that Jason and Barbara give thanks to our heavenly Father. He has made it so we could share the good things given to those who belong to Christ who are in the light. God took us out of a life of darkness. He has put us in the holy nation of His much-loved Son. We have been bought by His blood and made free. Our sins are forgiven through Him."

    Colossians 1:9-15 NEW LIFE VERSION

    Be full of JOY always because Jason and Barbara belong to the Lord. Again I say, be full of joy! Let all people see how gentle you are. The Lord is coming again soon, He is with us NOW so do NOT worry. WAKE UP and PRAY for His nudge of guidance each day. PRAY before each decision, before each step and know that God is with you. Pray about everything. GLADLY we give thanks to God as we ask Him for what we need. The peace of God is much greater than our human mind can understand. His peace keeps our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus, equipped to face each day with His countenance, His courage.

    Jason and Barbara, keep your minds thinking about whatever is true, whatever is respected, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever can be loved, and whatever is well thought of. If there is anything good and worth giving thanks for, think about these things. Keep on doing all the things you learned and received and heard from Jesus in His word, in His presence, in His wise counsel. Do the things you saw Jesus do with an unforced rhythm of grace. Then the God Who gives peace will be with us as we walk in His blessing. We know how to have a little, and we know how to have a lot. In all circumstances we have learned the secret of being content. Jason and Barbara are equipped to do all things through Christ who strengthens us. AMEN

    Personalized wisdom of Philippians 4:4-15
    NEW LIFE VERSION of God's Holy Word

  3. PRAY ALWAYS ~ PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING ~ TRUST GOD HEARS the first prayer, and He knows your heart, and He knows what is best.

    Me: Promise you won't get mad.
    God: I promise.
    Me: Where were You today when I needed You?
    God: What do you mean?
    Me: My alarm did not go off.
    God: Yes.
    Me: My car would not start without a jump.
    God: Okay.
    Me: At lunch I had to wait for my order.
    God: Huummm.
    Me: My phone went dead, just as I picked up a call.
    God: All right
    Me: Why did you abandon me today?
    God: I promised you that I would never forsake you and today, the Angel of Death was at your bed this morning and I had to send one of the other angels to battle him for your life. I let you sleep through that.
    Me: (humbled): OH...
    GOD: Your car did not start because there was a drunk driver on your route that would have hit you if you.
    Me: (ashamed)
    God: The person who made your lunch today was sick and I protected you from catching the flu, I knew you couldn't afford to miss work.
    Me: (embarrassed): Ok...
    God: Your phone went dead because the person that was calling was going to give false witness about what you said on that call.
    Me: I'm sorry God.
    God: Don't be sorry, just trust Me, in all things, the good and what appears bad.
    Me: I will trust you.
    God: And don't doubt that My plan for your day is always better than your plan.
    Me: I won't God. Father God, forgive me for doubting Your ways and I am so thankful that You protect me, even when I grumble.
    Me: Oh and thank You Lord for bringing Michael Hoyle into my life. He is absolutely amazing and I am impressed and blessed by the way You are right in the midst of "us" smiling and ushering us into a JOY that is full of promise. He is Your answer to a persistent prayer.
    God: Welcome into My plans for a new beginning for both of you. You are my precious children, and I love providing for every unknown and unseen need. It was just another day being your heavenly Father. I love looking after my children