Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Jesus Christ is Royalty Who cares
Jesus Christ is lavish in His love
Jesus Christ is faithful to protect us
Jesus Christ is supremely holy and good
Jesus Christ is the only genuine good news
Jesus Christ is the racial King of the Jews
Jesus Christ is the eternal King of the ages
Jesus Christ is the Peace that surpasses pain
Jesus Christ is the moral King of righteousness
Jesus Christ is the celestial King of the cosmos
Jesus Christ is Who raised us from spiritual death
Jesus Christ is unsurpassed in giving mercy and grace
Jesus Christ is Who forgave our sins and removed guilt
Jesus Christ is Who answered our prayers in a living Word
Jesus Christ is all powerful, all knowing, in ALL His ways
Jesus Christ is inescapable, indestructible, incomprehensible
Jesus Christ is all wise and the reason we can stand before God
His ways are matchless, His goodness is limitless, His Word endures


  1. Dear Barbara,

    I am preparing as we speak to preach in San Fran and in Buffalo NY. I am up writing my message. You popped into my head. Thank you for your ministry. May God bless and keep you! Please pray for me as I pray for you.

    Blessings, Dwight

  2. Dear Lord Jesus, I thank you for Your position in the heart and mind of Dwight. Lord I ask that Dwight surrenders to Your purpose as the Holy Spirit rises up within and takes charge of his tongue. Lord we ask that You use Dwight for Your high purpose and that lives are changed eternally by the message that You give Dwight each time he opens his mouth. AMEN

  3. Dear Barb, off to Carmel to the ranch to see Chris Buzbee. She and Jim agreed to separate. Her health is fragile as parkinsons keeps her from working. Chris is seeking to return to Stockton and would like to keep her horses and find a place for them too. Bless her heart........she is trying to be hopeful. Keep Chris in your prayers.
    Love you big, Diana

  4. Lord Jesus, Helen, Kathryn, Liana, Sonja and Patricio are feeling icky. I lift them up to You Lord and ask that You, our faithful trusted Physician, restore them to a vibrant health. In Your holy name we pray. AMEN

  5. Lord Jesus I ask You to send angels to minister to Chris Busbee. I ask that You open the heart of Chris to receive Jesus as her savior. AMEN