Monday, January 3, 2011


Our country was founded by intelligent men that published the first English bible for the use in American schools. President Jefferson arranged for the Marine Corp to serve as the choir at the Capitol Hill Church! The truth shall set us free indeed! One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. God plants His own dreams in the human heart and when that dream matures, and when the time is His, and right ~ God fulfills His plan through the bumbling and the willing. Thomas Jefferson penned the constitution yet in his private life he owned slaves. We are all filled with contradictions, we all fall short, and we all need a Savior ~ "What man meant for ill, God will use for good." SALVATION cannot be sold or earned. It is not a reward that God dangles before man like a carrot before a stubborn mule. Salvation is a free gift and that is the GOOD NEWS, that is His capital idea! God in His mercy offers salvation NOT to one nation, not to one descendant, not to one culture, not to the aristocrats, republicans, or democrats, but to ALL people. We are here to represent the King of Kings - NOT the pale, gentle, meek, mild Jesus ~ but the Christ of the gospels. Jesus confidently walked and talked in the streets of Palestine, Bethlehem, and parts of Asia. He was bronzed by the sun, He was fearless and with His strong, rugged carpenter hands he tossed the tables of the money changers, He had fun at weddings, He satisfied unspoken needs, He raised the dead, gave sight to the blind and loved equally the politician, the prostitute, shepherds, fishermen and the woman at the well. Jesus called a spade a spade and He allowed the actions of hatred to crucify the character of the proud. Jesus got a kick out of walking on water and challenging the puffed up Pharisees to consider what they believed. He chases and chastizes the hearts of those who love Him that they too shall NOT judge, as they forgive as they have been forgiven. It is the jolly good business of the saved to introduce equal love to the unlovable, to the shattered, torn, and unforgiving souls of society. Jesus enjoys our earnest attempts, our fumbling and resistance to His generosity. He wants to hear our laughter, a good joke, great music and our humble confessions of missing the mark or the boat. All Capitol ideas are delivered from the mind of Christ unto us to act upon. AMEN

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  1. Attempt to prove by logic or reason that beauty exists ~ What method of intellect can prove that a sunrise is beautiful? Just like science cannot unhinge the sensory of a haunting, wistful fragrance from the nostril of an individuals truth, so too science cannot prove that God does not exist. Deliriously happy to rise with the Son, how beautiful and amazing are His ways!