Thursday, October 6, 2011


Lord I PRAY for the wisdom to be able to discern difference. That I RECOGNIZE Who makes me different, set apart from everyone else. I PRAY for focus of my mind, that God enables me to rule my mind, that the Holy Spirit bring to mind scripture that guides and affirms "walk this way". Lord Jesus help me to concentrate, that I may SEE what You SEE. Give me a vision, a picture in my mind of living debt free, worry free, as I walk in the Spirit trusting You and Your living word. I PRAY Lord Jesus that You allow me to RECOGNIZE Your strength in my weakness. Help me RECOGNIZE that I am not alone, that You are here with me, in me, and that as I depend on the Spirit of God, that nothing is missing, that all I need is here right NOW. Lord increase my willingness to be faithful to walk in the Spirit, to make choices that honor God. I honor Your covenant, Your promise that as I am enabled by Your Spirit, that I walk in victory in Your will for my life. Thank You for my health, my position in Christ Jesus and Your plan to bless me, and expand my borders. Thank You Lord for Your generous grace, Your annointing, Your favor! Thank You Lord for the Holy Spirit Who enables me to see, move, trust and obey God's word in me. I PRAY for the power of the covenant God gave in my relationship with Doyle King. I trust that the difference in the coming season is that Doyle affirms my faith in Jesus. The Truth in me is the only thing that marks me as His and I accept His Seal, the promised Holy Spirit within me! As Doyle King mentors me, his prayers for me are heard by the God of the universe. Thank You Lord for bringing Doyle into my life. Our covenant relationship blesses me as his faith in You, in Your living Word is what we hold onto. LORD JESUS I am here, use me here and take me to where You want me to minister. Jesus left His hometown to touch and change lives. Lord when You take me to where I belong, the genius You placed in me shall emerge. For today, I ask that You use me where I am. My PRAYER is that my life, my choices, my words will honor Jesus Christ. On my own, I cannot, so Lord I pray that the Holy Spirit within me will enable me to live surrendered and obedient to the slightest nudge within me. My code of honor, is to honor His seed that is growing inside me. My prayer is that my SEED of FAITH be sown in the fertile soil of God's plan. Lord I am willing to reap the harvest You intend. As I honor You, as I come to You, depend on You, and access Your power, my love, time, patience, kindness, words, finances, giving and teaching are seeds that I trust God will use to grow and prosper me. Lord Jesus You are faithful in Your provision and as I walk in the Spirit, I reap what I sow. My expectation is that You will gain all the glory for all that has been set into motion by the seeds I sow. PRAYING and BELIEVING that Your blessing is sure! My faith in God is confidence in God, and God rejoices in my confidence in Him. Jesus the Master Teacher, in His three year life on earth, He planted many seeds in many students, but not all took root and grew fruit. Sowing a money seed takes wisdom and discernment. Lord give me wisdom and discernment of where and how much seed to plant that will bear the greatest harvest for Your honor and glory. AMEN


  1. YOM KIPPUR Saturday 10-8-11 Thank you for your gift to The Fellowship's On Wings of Eagles program. Because of the generous contributions of donors like you, needy Jews from all over the world are able to escape anti-Semitism and extreme poverty and realize their dream of living in their Biblical homeland, Israel. Their aliyah (immigration to Israel) is truly a fulfillment of the biblical prophecy that tells of the return to Israel of Jewish people from "the four corners of the earth."

    Eli, a Russian Jew brought to Israel by On Wings of Eagles. One people, God's chosen, Christians helping Jews gives God JOY and His blessings are poured out.

  2. Ellen King, Doyle's mother went home to Jesus today. A host of angels are rejoicing while the Holy Spirit comfortts those she left behind. Ellen loved Jesus for her entire long journey of 90+ years on earth. We love you Ellen and we thank God for sharing you with us. Thank you for the doll you gave me and your constant prayers and love. Your friend, Barbara Alley