Monday, November 1, 2010


Soul supporters are essential! Diana gave me these ruby slippers and today I wear them as I post this. Watching the life of Di and Katie transform has been like watching a brilliant sunrise in the land of OZ, a place where colors are most vivid, and memories are unforgettable! We are all on the yellow brick road to OZ, the place where it is safe to use the gifts, to employ the talents we were born with. Awe is what I felt this morning as I remembered my hearts hope expressed in July ~ That I would be able to witness Christ alive in my son. Watching Diana and Katie heal and share the RAIN coming down on all four of us at the Shoreline! WOW! Diana's first assignment for her writers group was entitled "A year of Firsts" ~ In reflection, hopefully we can all look back in 2010 and pinpoint a first time ever "I felt love" "I saw light" "I knew truth" "I trusted God" or that "I loved well" and "I witnessed transformation"! 2010 was totally amazing for all who look back and remember the season changing, death, birth, and new beginnings. Dorothy, like many of us had her heart broken. Along her scary path, Dorothy meets a Lion who lost courage, a person dressed in tin to protect their broken heart, and a silly Scarecrow who lost his memory. MY 2010 roster of life changing events included a surprise surgery in August, a delay (for His purpose) in moving into the Fullerton house, a complete MIRACLE in my son, and multiple prayers answered in ASTOUNDING ways ~ a new boss at work, and the JOY of sharing the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY, with a motley crew of souls at work! We bond over a cup of Starbucks and journey down the yellow brick road singing some where over the rainbow, where troubles melt like lemon drops, and........ when violent threats and unexpected challenges pop up, the group sticks together with confidence! Lynn the lion laughs, Alma removes her tin armor, and John the scarecrow begins to use his brain -- thanks to Ron the wizard! As the wise wizard, Ron retired his crystal ball and encouraged the trio to help each other melt the wicked witch of doubt! Evaluating their combined talents, they work through matters, overcome obstacles, as they cheer each other to "GO FORTH" and ."BE BOLD" They kick up their heels, laugh and have a good time! Our spirit and talents did not come from our parents, but THEY were placed in us by our Creator! Sometimes our mates, siblings, co-workers, or teachers -- they just do not understand what drives us and makes us thrive! But somewhere out there is a co-worker, a small group, or a soul sister/brother that will walk alongside us and speak to our soul's desire to emerge. That is when we contribute our significant, unique verse! We were not designed to flourish on our own. In order for a flower to bloom it needs to have the weeds pulled, and it needs to be watered with just the right amount of encouragement. We were created and given talents to use, not bury in the ground of fear. IZZY boldly strikes a chord, he appears different, and he found his way home, and his future life, over the rainbow. Wake up where your troubles are behind you, where burdens are light. Dreams really do come true! Like a poinsetta can only blossom when it thirsts for more, so do we blossom when we strive for more living water. My ruby slippers clicked me to a place where I felt at home. Arriving in Ajijic was like finding the pot of gold at the end of my work life. As we walk, run, or fly into the unknown, up the yellow brick road, without seeing, only believing, we arrive at the doors that God has opened for us. THE SECRET and world success guru's promote NAME IT and CLAIM IT, or BLAB and GRAB whatever you want in life. However, the truth about the buried talents of any successful person today is that nobody uncovered their unique talent, their gifted treasure overnight! We begin with mustard seeds of faith --- and we must dig through the dirt of doubt to reveal our talents. When our desires and talents are buried, His way is to give us opportunity that requires a shovel, to uncover, to expose, to remove the piled on dirt of doubt one shovel at a time. After years of struggle to believe in ourselves, to trust our instincts, we gotta admit that we NEEDED that kick in the pants, that wake-up dream, those night sweats, or that news release that appeared bad, but - through the eyes of another - an opportunity of GREATNESS became visible and POSSIBLE! WOW - In August 09 my condo foreclosed, then in December 09, my dream Casa in Mexico was purchased! Any desire that we hold and release to God, for His will be done, we then walk in faith and release our dreams, trusting the best outcome. We humans NEED support, we NEED to be cheered - just like the tin man, the lion, Dorothy and the scarecrow! Together, one day at a time, one shovel at a time, one step along the yellow brick road at a time, this motley crew of strugglers - identified each others strengths and voiced them! Our ancestors started out in the garden of Eden where they could just wake up and grab the fruit they wanted from a vast unlimited orchard of trees. On Monday they might have chosen to grab a shiny dress from the Macy tree, and Tuesday to grab a tennis ball from the US OPEN tree. The grace of God paves the long and winding yellow brick road to eternity. He did not promise that it would be easy, but He did say that a full life would take a community of believers sticking together through the good and bad times. FAITH is walking in a way you have never walked. FAITH invloves risking loss, it requires us to stretch and move in scary directions. The first tiny step might be to do things differently than you ever have! Change your comfortable routine, strike out and appear foolish! Perhaps you need to talk to a tin person with a guarded heart, or sit next to a cowardly lion - LISTEN, watch and encourage them! We grow stronger as we acknowledge the reflection of spirit in others! There are scads of folks who would love to walk beside you with their own pair of ruby shoes! Tiny steps of courage may cause a panic attack, your adrenaline to pump, but remember that the witch of doubt, or any fear found on the yellow brick road is NOT REAL! The reality IS that God gave us the VISION and the talent! He placed His spirit within! We KNOW that we can do all things through Him! When God called His people to the promised land, ten spys made the majority of hearts afraid when they reported that there were too many obstacles to overcome. Joshua and Caleb came back and said "we can do this". FEAR is a state of mind, often times unjustifed, but unless we take a step out, we are NOT exercising FAITH.
Journey on the YELLOW BRICK ROAD requires:
1) DIG thru the DIRT and unearth dreams and courage
2) FAITH the wee size of a seed, and tiny steps
God empowers us to do exceedingly more than we can imagine. However, traveling down the road in the way that God compels us, is to travel believing that His presence is with us. God gives us the dream, the vision, our hope and the JOY goose bumps we experience when we arrive at our destination! His spirit is ever in us. He goes before us to open doors. God gave us His invisible, untouchable power and He also gave me the desires of my heart to live near a lake, in a house of light to write! When the people of Israel took the yellow brick road away from Egypt (bondage) to the promised land, there were no solo travelers. People were fueled from the inside by God and outside by the people placed on the path alongside them. We were created by God, He is self-sustaining, but we can only thrive as we come together. There is no such thing as a self-made person. My trip to Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico was because I felt compelled to go from the inside. Trusting that God's plan for me ~ walking in faith ~ His courage allowed me to trust that He would go before me and open doors in Mexico. I asked God for help and He put Kristina Morgan, Cathy Roberts, Don & Linda Wright, and Michel in my path! Lake Chapala!

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