Saturday, September 3, 2011


The degrees that distinquish us, that set us apart, that extinguish all fear of not measuring up. The degrees that give us confident freedom in our daily walk and boldness in our talk are divine! For we did not receive degrees that makes us slaves to comparing oursleves, or seeking accolades from man. Having attended the school of hard knocks, we now possess three prized degrees! A BA, a PHD, and a DD degree!
BA = Born Again. A DD is not a Doctorate in Divinity, it is a self-proclaimed degree in Disturbing the Devil! Our PHD does not mean a Doctorate of Philosophy, but it is our degree as we are Past Having Doubt. When you know that you know, that you know that you know --- exactly where you will spend eternity, there is a boldness and confidence that rises up in you. You get all excited, you are compelled to share the truth, to share in the great commission. A huge audience awaits our message! We have the truth that the world is desperately seeking! An important POLE was recently taken and it revealed that 94 % of all people in the world believe in God! But they are still confused about who God is and where they can find Him. Time to lift up our diploma, our bible and talk about Jesus! Christians, it is time that we came out of the closet! It is time we shared the good news outside the church, outside our circle of believing friends! Zig Zigglar reminds us that there are more closet bible believers than there are pastors to spread the good news! So for all those who are unemployed --- We have the priviledge of working for the King of Kings! Understanding that the Bible is a collection of inspired letters from God to His people, for the purpose to encourage, inform, and teach His ways to those He created for a purpose. He knows what we hide, what is behind the smile, and what our motives are even if they are blurry to us. God knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for us in accordance with God's law. The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are in His presence, that we are equipped and given understanding of what is right. We know the truth and we are born again in the Spirit, and made ready by the authoritative voice of God's Word. Our royal responsibility as the adopted, priviledged children of the King are: 1)Invite people to observe the peace we have in the midst of chaos. 2) Talk over choices with God, and listen for His instruction. 3)Be prepared to listen with compassion to those who are brought into our experience. 4) Speak from the heart, trust that the Spirit will give you the words to speak. 5) Share how God brought us out of bondage. How the King freed us from the jail of guilt and forgave us for our foolish choices. 6) Explain that Jesus gave His life in order that we are able to be presented to the Holy Father as blameless in His sight. 7) Tell others that we surrender our life to Christ, because He gave His life for us, and as a result we have a private Counselor, a Holy Helper always available 24 hours a day. YAHOO YAWEH! We gladly give all praise to God for the priviledge to love as we are loved! We give all credit to the Holy Spirit who gives us the power to overcome and live free of guilt, worry, shame or confusion. Halleluiah and AMEN!

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