Thursday, September 18, 2014


What is the BEST NEWS? Are you BORN AGAIN, with a fresh start, equipped by the power of the Holy Spirit, and fully satisfied by the living Word of God? The greatest TRUTH ever was hand delivered from God to you by His one and only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Are you ready to hear God speak to you and say "Well done, my good and faithful servant!" Often times people misplace their trust in other voices. The voice of a parent, teacher, past employer, or everyone's foe, the fallen angel satan. Have you earnestly said to God "Not my will by Thy will be done"? The Creator knows the hearts of His people, and He will never forsake you for messing up! He gave us His word, the history of our ancestors, the Holy Bible to show us that He rules, He saves, He forgives, and He restores. His plan in place saved us from our sinful nature. He redeemed us, He forgave us, He calls us to "BE STILL and KNOW that I AM GOD." He asked us "Come, all ye who are fearful, troubled, worried, tormented and lost ~ Come and I will give you rest, healing, peace and the Holy Spirit ~ Come as you are, come to Me broken, and I will give you a new heart filled with hope, glory and wonder! I will give you a JOY that cannot be jarred by earthquakes. God is faithful in His living, active, revealing, piercing, powerful Word. His promise of eternity in His glorious Presence is the TRUTH. Those that do not accept that Jesus is the Way to God, will continue to suffer - UNTIL we deliver the BEST NEWS, the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ. We were called to BOLDLY approach the throne of God and ASK God to equip us, to use us to reach the lost, the hurting, the hungry with His saving, transforming message of TRUTH. Jesus was annointed to preach the gospel. LUKE 4:18 Jesus was sent on a mission by God, He was empowered by the Holy Spirit to speak the Word of God and the people who had ears to hear were changed, healed and compelled to follow Him. Jesus chose a handful of men and spent quality time in on His way to the cross. For three years He taught by example to lean on God, to fellowship with God in prayer, to trust that He knew them, and that He would utilize them, and delight in them as He poured out His Spirit to reach the lost. Their short lives on earth took on new meaning, and a bold purpose as they employed their little faith and took action to obey. Jesus believed in them, and He believes in us to do His will. “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15)LEAP UP and SHOUT HALLELUIAH! The King of Kings chose YOU! What an honor it is to be called a child of God! What an opportunity to serve Him, to be a valued part of His plan. ASK the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom, and He will! Let go of the ways of man, of the proven ways that do NOT work! Renew your mind with the HOPE that is REAL, the Holy Words of God! Ask Jesus to increase your faith, and humble yourself to HEAR what the Spirit of God is saying to you. He will enable you to fully comprehend His role in your life. YOU ARE set apart for the gospel of God (Rom. 1:1) The world respected a man named Saul for his human understanding of the word of God. Saul was putting Christians to death, but then Jesus revealed Himself to Saul, changed his name to Paul and called him to serve God by using his knowledge of the Jews to reach those that were confused by the law. Paul was entrusted, he was given a responsibility to reach hardened hearts with the piercing truth of Jesus Christ. His confession of faith in Jesus Christ, His obedience to his call, to teach that Jesus is the One Messiah of God is why Paul was imprisoned and killed. In 2012 many are put to death for boldly speaking the gospel. Galatians 2:7 tells us that as believers we are also entrusted, that God believes in us, that He has given us the power to carry out His great commission! HALLELUIAH we are accountable to God and we are forgiven for our feeble frame of mind, for our unconfessed unwillingness, for our fear of rejection, for NOT speaking to our family, neighbors, or co-workers about Jesus. Paul was appointed to defend the gospel (Phil. 1:16), and like Paul we must remember that we each have a transforming testimony to share. We were lost, confused, deaf, blind, dumb, numb, empty and mostly concerned about IF we were perceived as worthy of the respect of men, or IF we were seen as LOVELY, or respected by another ~ be it our parent, our teacher, or our mate. THE BEST NEWS is that we were purchased by the saving blood of Jesus, and we were legally adopted by the King of Kings! We have the right to approach His throne without being asked. Our Lord wants us to come to Him with all our petty stuff! He longs to hear from us, and He wants to bless us with His best! One promise is that He will never forsake us! He gave us full access and a purpose with the Holy Helper, our Comforter, our Counselor, our trust worthy guide the Holy Spirit. Jesus told that He must go so that He can send the Holy Spirit that we all can abide IN HIM! We read that Paul was anointed as a preacher in 2 Timothy 1:8-12. Timothy was timid and Paul encouraged him as he does every reader of the living, active Word - that despite any obstacle, the Holy Spirit will use us, with our God given abilities and in our weakness, He will be shown strong! Paul relied on God’s power, and he was willing to suffer for God's sake. Paul knew that he could never repay God for choosing him for such a priveledged task, but he felt obligated to do his best to preach the truth. (Romans 1:14) Jesus had stopped him on his way to Damascus and He led Paul to reach many with many divinely inspired words, deeds and God's grace. Paul presented the message of salvation in ways that they could understand. Since God created us and designed us with specific talents, we can all rest assured by our Creator that we are useful for His purpose. What do you know for certain? Do you know God's love? His Power? His grace? His forgiveness? Are you EAGER to share the GOOD NEWS with others? READ Romans 1:15-16 and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal every opportunity for YOU to GO unashamed, but ready and happy to tell people about Christ. The truth is ALL people have eternal destinies. ETERNITY in HEAVEN with the LOVE OF GOD, the peace of God, the JOY of GOD ~ or ETERNITY in HELL where agony never stops.
Let us REMEBER that the Word of God is ACTIVE and POWERFUL and that when we His chosen speak it into the hearts of the lost, it is HIS POWER that interrupts their destiny as His Word finishes the work it was spoken to do. Ask God to increase your faith in Him to do the work, to nd trust that He is GLAD to empower the willing! COMPELLED from within to SPEAK a Word of truth to anyone ~ is to EMPLOY the Holy Spirit and fully RELY on HIM to do His amazing purpose! READ 1 Corinthians 9:16 and Jeremiah 20:7-9. Paul felt a fire buring within him, he felt compelled to tell others about Christ. The Source of our faith, the message of truth we are entrusted to share is found in Galatians 1:11-12 In 1 Thess 2:2 Paul called it the “gospel of God” and in Colossians 1: 5 he called it the “word of truth” The “good news” is the good news of Jesus Christ and His offer of salvation through His death, burial, and resurrection to be received by faith, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. It has nothing to do with our goodness but is instead a gift of God’s grace. The Accomplishments of the Gospel: When you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, many wonderful things happen. As a child of God, you are:
■Redeemed: Jesus paid the price for your sin on the cross and purchased you for God. As an adopted child of God, we now belong to Jesus, and He is the King, and we are welcomed to His throne room at anytime. No guard at His castle, just come on in!
■Forgiven: The blood of the Lamb paid your sin debt in full. The Lord no longer holds your sins against you, your sins are forgotten, you have a NEW life in Christ.
■Justified: He declares you are NO LONGER GUILTY of your sins.
■Reconciled: It is now possible for you to have a personal relationship with God.
■Sanctified: You are set apart as one of God’s children, and His Holy Spirit works within you to transform your life, to give you wisdom, and to convict you of sin.
■Glorified: We depart earth by His glory and enter heaven.
THE BEST NEWS is the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST, a message that is matchless! No religion or philosophy can equal it. We’re surrounded by people desperate for something they can’t name, and we have the answer to their need—the gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s why we are entrusted to boldly share it with everyone we meet.

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