Sunday, August 8, 2010


Thanks to all my peeps for their prayers and their patience in my silence ~ which is better than a halleluiah at this time. At church TODAY, it was NOT an accident that God placed Cassandra and Jason before me. Their FAITH in the living word of God ministered to me during our time this summer listening for God's voice. In Jason's quietness and in Cassandra's humble revelations, that TODAY God would allow me to see Cassandra and Jason one more time before they both move to Oaklahoma so that Cassandra can begin med school - Their ministry hath thus begun! On my heart was this young couple, and GOD knew it! Refreshed by His word, by His presence, by the praise songs, then after the service, the brief yet light filled moments spent with Nancy Wilkins in the loft. Nancy encouraged my writing, and then she asked if upon her return from Wisconsin that IF she could be a support as a friend in Christ. WOW ~ talk about God knowing your every need before we even realize we have a need ~ He knows our hearts and even answers unspoken prayers! God is ministering to my soul, quietly and majorly effectively at this very moment. Majoring in the essentials of my faith, I am stilled, alone, and without a word from my son Jason ~
God gave me His comfort ~ in a CERTAINTY that Jesus dwells inside. His Holy Spirit swells to flush out all my doubt and fear and give me rest. God NOW fills my mind with courage, HOPE and calm assurance. Jesus, in the Person of the Holy Spirit has sent me His personally selected, amazing angels! Diana and Nancy have loved me well with their words of encouragement and by showing me the fruits of His Holy, perfect spirit. Such kindness, gentleness, understanding and grace is fully recognized as a GIFT from God. As Jesus protects my son Jason from all harm, my Lord is guiding me to make right decisions and He will see me through the storms ahead. "Likewise every good tree bears good fruit...thus by their fruit you will recognize them" --- The truth is that God calls us to judge, to evaluate, to discern gracefully, not harshly. "Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." Matthew 7:1 ~ This photo was taken on Mothers Day 2010. All my past worry and concern for my son did nothing! Today I SEE clearly through my Fathers eyes. My heart was full of deceit and confusion about His life changing power! Notified on the inside to correctly discern, to respond in His way. To love as I am loved, to forgive as I am forgiven, and to surrender my mind to Christ and be healed of every doubt, in every thought about God's plan for my son, and for me. Any fear about my surgery has been expelled by His flushing of my mind with the TRUTH! The Bible reminds me of God's truth "That which I have greatly believed has come upon me." JOB 3:25 ~ In the past I have voiced a fear that my son would die before me. My FAITH in God is the one power which fear cannot stand! Ringing in my spirit is this truth: "With God on my inside, whom shall I fear?" This week a wise choice has been to stop all the chatter and bathe my mind in the TRUTH of His living Word. Underlining and blogging every statement of courage and the effort I choose ~ to cram my mind full of the healthy, happy, transforming TRUTH of JESUS. My focus on Jesus, my attentiveness to His Word, my active listen for His voice, for His direction ~ has successfully lifted my mind and heart out of the gutter of worry. Overcoming the worn out inadequacy lie, as any negative thought attempts to blur my vision of what CAN BE, my choice is to wisely cancel it out with a deliberate voice from God's word. Praise the name of Jesus for He has given me VICTORY! God Himself dwells on the inside of Jason and He is inside battling it out on Jason's behalf. In my weakness, in my silence, in my full surrender...God is most powerfully STRONG. I am praying HUGE prayers for Jesus to be resurrected fully in Jason's life and in mine. "According to your it done unto you" Matthew 9:29 --- Without the prayers of Diana, Nancy, Helen, Cassandra, Sonja and the church of Jesus Christ, I would have crumbled. ~ Thank you for the FAITH you exercise as His Ambassador!
I herein list my greatest ASSETS:
1) Belonging to a patient, loving, forgiving Father God
2) Fantastic friends and family in Christ Jesus
3) A son who loves me, even in his silence
4) Integrity, nothing to hide, no shame, no pride
5) Physical health and the Greatest Physician of mankind
6) Living in the USA which was founded by Christians
7) Rich in faith, believing and trusting God.
AMAZED! Click photo to enlarge. SEE a reflection of the cross on my heart, in the framed picture of Anne Graham Lotz ~ He is in the smallest detail as we Pursue More of Jesus ~ He is in us! AMEN
By practicing my FAITH in word and confident action towards my Holy God, By affirming the TRUTH verbally on my blog, by visualizing with the aid of photography, By believing what He says is TRUE about Jason, and about me as His daughter-- it SHALL come to PASS according to my FAITH in the ONE who in on the throne, in the ONE who knows my heart, in the One who loves unconditionally, all of His creation! AMEN ~ RIGHT NOW, the power of the Holy Spirit is released to actualize the outcome of His will! He shall continue to astonish and amaze us ALL by His magesty and mysterious ways! Emboldend by His ever increasing presence, I trust that His mighty force will continually intrude and dominate all the circumstances of my life. Emerson said "They conquer who believe they can. Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain." ---- An old worn out fear has been that ~ as a mother I have not done enough. Therefore to do NOTHING and entrust the outcome to to hang my fear on the cross and kill it! All doubt, all fear is forced out by my faith in Almighty God. Praise to the One Who teaches us, Who trains us, Who corrects us, Who guides us, and Who disciplines those He loves! AMEN ~ To Barbara, my Jesus says "Rest my dear,
I got this. Relax and believe Me, Jason is safe in My arms."

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  1. You are on target!! My dear sweet sister in Christ, You give love, and love is being given to you and you dearest KNOW where the power and the glory lies...Pain and sorrow are
    on your back porch but let them stay NOT entertain them and when they knock, do NOT open the door. Keep your focus on Jesus and we will join you in your prayers for Jason. I love you and do not ever worry about your "silence". I am here for you whenever your spirit needs a hug and a big
    dose of friendship!!! In His wonderful and glorious name, Diana