Monday, August 9, 2010


To successfully MESS with SUCCESS is to maintain the MIND of a DOG. Note that dogs wake up HAPPY. Note that dogs do NOT worry about the economy and they are forever READY to GO for a WALK. Note that a dog LOVES all the time, even if they are neglected, not elected, or forgotten while we go on VACATION. To GAIN a dogs mind full of peace is to practice emptying our mind. CAUSE and EFFECT LAWS dwell in our hearts and they have been written on our minds. If you carry any worry or anxious thoughts --- CLOSE YOUR EYES, and IMAGINE that you are out on the deck of an OCEAN cruiser. Get that VISION fixed in your mind. Now reach into your MIND, and PULL out all the thoughts you have been tackling with. GOT THAT? Now drop those worry thoughts overboard and watch them disappear in the wake of the ship! "Forgetting those things that are behind" Now when the MIND is emptied, something NEW is bound to enter. We can all admit that we have seen a few folks who seem to be empty minded, or clueless most of the time. NOW TOOT your HORN if you ENVY their HAPPY! SO as we PRACTICE emptying our minds, it is necessary to REFILL with FRESH positive thoughts or the worry we just flung overboard will for sure climb right back in. IMMEDIATELY we must INTENTIONALLY fill the ENGINE of our mind with new FUEL. "Think about whatever is lovely, whatever is true, whatever is noble.." JUMP UP and shout leaping lambs ~ "ITS ALL VERY VERY GOOD!"

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  1. I'm proud of you Barb and the strength you show us all.

    Love from your bro...
    Captain Benito