Sunday, April 3, 2011


"He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds. He determines the number of stars and calls them each by name." PSALM 147:3 Our Lord God Almighty heals our broken hearts and minds. He calls us by name and binds up our wounds! Halleluiah! "HELP US, GOD our SAVIOR, for the GLORY of YOUR NAME; deliver us and forgive our sins for YOUR NAMES sake." PSALM 79:9 HELP us LORD JESUS, not for our sakes, but for YOUR GLORIOUS and perfect HOLY NAME! We need You Father and we thank You for delivering Your Son Jesus unto us, to walk with us, to talk with us, to die for us, to forgive us our sins ~ for YOUR NAME! AMEN God knows the motive of our hearts as we go to church, work, and in all the ways we seek more. My prayer is that God create in me a new heart, a transparent heart, a pure heart of worship, a heart like Jesus, a heart that glistens as it listens, a heart that prays and obeys. A heart that is open, a heart that pumps the blood of Jesus as His Spirit abides in me. A heart worthy of His residence, a heart that rejoices in His radiance, and a heart that bows down at the throne of His mercy. AMEN In a magazine article I read about the sin of gluttony - not just the gulping down of portions of tasty treats, but my gluttony of spending, and shopping for more. What method of control does the sinister plot of satan have on me? Is it to control my thinking, to convince me that I am not capable through Christ to live a life of victory which glorifies the Name of Jesus? Beth Moore testifies that it took her FULL FOCUS on GOD's living WORD to be healed of her broken mind. It takes FASTING off food, world news, our agenda, our plans, our ways in order that GOD's GOOD NEWS, HIS PLAN, and HIS WAYS shall become our delighted obedience, over time. His call on our LIFE to serve HIM, to PRAY as we GO, to be CHANGED and EQUIPPED by the indwelt Holy Spirit takes seasons of time. It takes time to plant the seed of FAITH, to water it, to let it dry out, to fertilize it, to pull the weeds, and to protect it from the pests who wish to devour it BEFORE it BLOOMS and produces much FRUIT. My motive for moving to Mexico has been purified, it is to bring His Name all the glory and honor and praise. The method of His call is to bring us to face the TRUTH, to admit that on our own we are unable, but with Him that all things are possible! His gift to us is the unseen but powerful indwelt Holy Spirit. God receives great pleasure in our full surrender to the Holy Spirit Who shall lead us to recognize a parched thirsty soul, first our own poverty, then others. The Holy Spirit softens the soil of hearts into which He plants seeds of HOPE through the GOOD NEWS we boldly proclaim that JESUS SAVES. That JESUS restores and equips us to serve Him with the gifts He gives us. Beth shared a verse she wrote that has been incorporated into a worship song that reflects her desperate need for a Savior. Each LIFE in CHRIST is a new song. Each day as we live, breath, walk and talk, we write the LYRICS for a WORSHIP SONG to our Lord and Savior. This is my PSALM, my song to LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. "Lord give me a heart like Yours. One that prays and rejoices pure. A heart that opens and breaks for the poor. Full of compassion and bursting with grace. Lord let me gaze upon Thy glorious face. Create in me a holy place, cleanse me with Your grace. Abide deep inside that I may bring You pleasure. Oh Lord give me a heart like Yours, You are my greatest treasure ~ Fill me with Your full measure. For Barbara Sue longs for a heart like You!" Sang to the same tune as this church song: "Oh Cleanser of the mess I've made Upon the hill our places trade. Stretched out on a cross Your body crushed by human hands You formed from dust. How wonderful Your mercy is How awesome are Your ways I come ~ I come ~ to worship You for ALL You've done. Oh Cleanser of the mess I've made Your boundless love for me portrayed with patience for my learning curve By holding back what I deserve. How wonderful Your mercy is How awesome are Your ways I come ~ I come ~ to worship You. Oh Cleanser of the mess I've made with everything at Your feet laid I watch as ALL my cares erode and from my soul these words explode Oh how wonderful Your mercy is How awesome are Your ways I come ~ I come ~ to worship You for All You've done." AMEN OPEN THE EYES OF MY HEART LORD, OPEN THE EYES OF MY HEART, I WANT TO SEE YOU, I WANT TO SEE YOU! Lord Jesus I ask in Your unblemished NAME, in Your worthy reputation as the King of Kings, I ask You to forgive my sin of gluttony, of gulping down more portions than my body needs, of spending more money than I have, of posturing for more recognition for my silly accomplishments, of my growing cynical views of Your church, of my insatiable appetite for more pleasure and leisure. God I ask in the NAME OF JESUS that You continue to reveal that which disgusts You and shames Your Holy Name. Thank You for drenching me in the rain of the Holy Spirit and for Your mercy and grace. I come ~ I come ~ to worship You for all You've done. AMEN


  1. "The person who hears Christian teaching, and practices what they hear, is like “a wise man who built his house on a rock.” They do not content themselves with listening to exhortations to repent, believe in Christ, and live a holy life. They actually repent. They actually believe. They actually cease to do evil, learn to do well, abhor that which is sinful, and cleave to that which is good. They are a doer as well as a hearer." RC RYLE
    (James 1:22)

  2. MY SONG to JESUS taken from PSALM 18 NIV
    "I love You, O Lord, my Strength.
    The Lord is my Rock, my Fortress
    and my Deliverer; my God is my Rock
    in Whom I take refuge... The Lord
    thundered from heaven; the Voice of
    the Most High resounded ~
    He reached down from on high
    and took HOLD OF ME!
    He drew me out of deep waters.
    He rescued me from my powerful enemy,
    from my foes, from my woes ~
    My God brought me out into a SPACIOUS place
    He rescued me because
    He delighted in me.
    You, O Lord, keem my lamp burning.
    My God turns my darkness into light!
    With Your help I can advance against a troop
    With My God I can scale a wall!
    As for God, His way is perfect ~
    The Word of the Lord is flawless!
    The Lord lives! Praise be my Rock!
    Exalted by God my Savior ~
    Therefore I will sing praises
    To His Holy Name ~ and blog my brag
    of all that He has done in me!
    Halleluiah and Amen