Thursday, July 26, 2012


"Walk this way" and follow Me, into My word and be blessed by what God shall reveal unto you. LOVE is a verb! God is Love and He is active and moving. His love is the seed that He placed in us when we were conceived. His plans for us are predestined. His love for us is evident in all the miraculous beauty that surrounds us. We are His wide varietal bouquet, each person a unique flower, delicate, and beautiful to behold! We shine, we sparkle because of the Light of Jesus within. Jesus gave us the charge to go and LIGHT UP THE WORLD. We are His and He is our unlimited Source of power! Our sparkle is polished to a radiant shine as we gather together regularly to be honest, to be transparent, and love one another as we are loved. As His chosen people, comitt to remaining accountable to the following: SPARKLE AT HOME in His holy Presence. Remain in Him, as He remains in Thee. In complete UNITY embrace these truths:

1) God's Word is active
2) Salavation is by grace
3) The Diety of Jesus
4) Jesus will return
5) His resurrection is real
6) Jesus born of a virgin
7) The Holy Trinity exists

Our Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, as One, we call on the Name above all names, we call on Jesus, and we speak His name with reverence, for He is holy, He is God and we worship Him because He alone is worthy. As the church is His, not man's creation, not man's building, not man's monument, as His people we agree to disagree about the non-essential things that may cause His children to divide and therefore fall from His grace.

1) Method of baptism - fully immersed, sprinkled, pool, ocean
2) Kinds of worship music - songs - instruments
3) The role of a woman serving Christ in the church
4) Wearing make-up or believers dancing
5) Whether drinking a glass of wine is a sin
6) What date or time Jesus is coming back
7) What version of the Word of God should be studied

Imagine the people of Stockton, Lodi, Manteca (and beyond) coming together weekly to discuss the Holy Bible while developing new transparent friendships. Imagine people of Ajijic, Chapala and Guadalaraja being changed as a result of regular participation. As we sparkle at home, and invite others to gather in an atmosphere of beauty and worship, to partake in the living and active Word of God, let us delight in our personal Jesus and in the astounding ways He blesses us, cares for us, equips us, restores us, and uses us, individually as we tell others of what He has done in us and through us. AMEN! Let us BE REAL about our faith, our walk, and our growth in Him, by Him and for His glory. Let us come together with the same Holy Bible, in differenct communities, neighborhoods and continents ~ to be connected by the same Saviour, who loves all, redeems all, and provides for all our needs. Let us learn from the experience of other gardeners in the field of Jesus followers. This is an awesome vision! A church of Jesus Christ that outgrew a home, because He attracted so many by our Joy in Him! Our homes overflowed and so a simple midtown structure was built to provide a place for a growing number of people, all who admit a desire to share in the Joy of the Lord that we carry. The first Chapala church will be held in Unit #7 at Villa Santa Paula in 2014. Jesus gave me this vision and I trust that He will prepare me, and the way for this vision to be a reality. If you live in Jalsico, hold this vision in your prayer and know that God will spread His Message of Salvation, Restoration and Revelation in you, and in your home too. No need to wait upon Barbara, just open your doors, invite Jesus and others and He will make it happen. Women in positions of leadership at other churches, or local businesses, please join me in a prayer for preparation and provision. Let us be willing servants for our Lord Jesus longs to bless us in unimaginable ways. "I will not leave you nor forsake you." Joshua 1:5 -- As we go through life, we are encapsulated in God's love, secured by His covenant, and guided by His Word. Thank You Jesus. AMEN

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