Wednesday, July 4, 2012


FREEDOM FITS PERFECTLY! In Him, we live, have breathe and move elegantly, gracefully and freely about, and above any circumstance! Wrap yourself in gentleness, kindness, patience and humility and win the best dressed award in your community! The One who hands out the Oscars for best performance says to “clothe” yourself in virtues that count! Many people clamor to outfit themselves in knowledge, but they don’t have humility. Many women feel the squeeze of a tight garment, but do we speak kindness about our complex cardiac system? Are we gentle to our lungs, or do we consider the clever design of our digestive system? Does AWE of our design strike us more valuable than the wisdom of the Designer? Does that MUST HAVE the latest fashion, phone, car or electronic device ever give us any long term satisfaction? Have we been robbed of what FITS us eternally? Do we wear our stripes with pride? Our knowledge about fashion trends or the human body without God is to have knowledge without wisdom, and that is when we replace His best with a casual choice. We agree that Doctor's possess a lot of knowledge about our gallbladder, esophagus, our ascending aorta, our pulmonary capillaries ~ Have you ever researched the meaning of the red stripes on the USA flag? "By His stripes we are healed...and the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” Does God's wisdom ring true in us? Through a world wide web of information, we can gather all sorts of data and learn about the flag, and that the cost of freedom always includes bloodshed. Have ye studied the Words of our Creator to learn about what blood was shed that we might enjoy ETERNAL LIFE in a perfectly fitted robe of righteousness? It is the FIT that lasts for eternity, it is the FIT that God has designed for us to wear, to bear His name, His stripes, His love. Our Designer is aware that His created beings can be “always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth” If doctor's or patients lack the wisdom of God, or if the perfect model knows not Who or why He designed us to sport His righteousness, then the soul will feel uncomfortable, and perhaps resist the royal robe that hangs on our acceptance of a perfect fit. Our soul was designed to make judgements. It makes moral decisions—of what is a good fit and what is in bad taste. Our soul engages our will and it chooses or rejects things that are brought before it. Our soul emotes, it feels love, fear, or disgust. Our emotions register a memory within our soul, which has a mental capacity for storing up knowledge of ideas and events. Each body embraces the truth, and the wisdom of God is implanted within our very DNA. Our Designer, our Creator gave us the ability to inhale, exhale and digest foods while extracting vital nutrients that propel all the chambers of the heart, the nervous system, our salivary glands, lungs, eyes, nose, ears to work in harmony and give us LIFE. Our structure has been studied by science, but our brain outwits science every time. Our soul or our spirit is what causes us to live, breath and move. So as we get dressed, our sense of smell delights in perfume, our sense of touch thrills against silk, and our eyes excite with the color red. We have preferences, we make choices, we seek to satisfy our appetite, but our soul, our spirit has appetites too. Down deep in us, our spirit longs for God, and it cannot be satisfied with more shoes, more money, more cars, more trips. We were designed by God to worship, and the world attracts our attention with beauty, with things, and we begin to worship all that man has created; fame, fortunes, music, styles of dress, or fashions of architecture. We are a worshiping fashionista, however, our eternal soul is on a quest and God watches and waits for us to choose Him. Only God can satisfy our soul, our spirits need to connect, belong, and be loved entirely as is. God's love fits us perfectly, wear it with PRIDE. His stripes heal, and the humility, grace and patience you model will cause the eyes of the world to take notice of Who dwells within! God blessed us with His eternal Presence. He travels with us, where ever we are He is!Colossians 3:12
Proverbs 9:10
2 Timothy 3:7

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