Saturday, July 7, 2012


Today the unfailing, unselfish, unconditional, unfathomable, undeserved love of God shall not be diminished or denied because of what someone else thinks or does. "If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love, just as I have kept My Father's commandments and abide in His love. These things I have spoken to you, that My JOY may remain in you, and that your JOY may be full." John 15-10-11 - I am FULL OF more JOY today than ever before because my Lord gave me a personal prayer language, and as I prayed in the Spirit today, I felt His pleasure and His presence. He gave me a gleaming helmet of Salvation to guard my mind and there are no words in English that are adequate. Thank You Jesus for refreshing me in the Spirit. For making me ever aware to speak Your word over the City of Stockton, in English and then also pray in the Spirit. Thank You for Your high plan and purpose and for giving me the opportunity to serve You as a civil servant. Today I wear the bullet proof vest, my very own breastplate of Righteousness that my Lord gave me to protect my heart. Words and thoughts fly through me and as I wear the Righteousness of Jesus, I walk confidently and courageously as Your wisdom erases any doubt that I am fully equipped to run the race, down the pathway You lead me with God's holy right ways. Today I am firm footed with feet that move forward through every circumstance with the strength of the Lord, for His joy motivates me to face anything as His trusting and greatful servant. Today I wrap the belt of Truth around me and cinch it tight. With the intention of encountering choices today, the Truth in me, pours through me as I choose speak the truth in love, being salt and light while accepting the favor of God in all things. Today my shield of Faith gives me boldness as I know that any evil act performed, any ill spoken, or any harm intended against me shall meet with defeat. None can stand against me as the Lord is with me. Today the sword of the Spirit, the living Word of God will fill me to overflowing and therefore my mouth will speak the truth. Today no weapon formed against me shall prosper or cause me to doubt the power of God in me. Every tongue that rises against me in judgement shall be shown to be in the wrong. Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, I come to You, before my day begins to ask that the Holy Spirit reveal to me every area of my heart that holds onto any regret, bitterness, or unforgiveness. I choose to forgive myself, my son, my father, my mother, my sister, my brother, and upon those innocent co-workers that I perceived to be offensive, I issue heaps of mercy, grace and forgiveness, just as You faithfully do unto me. Lord I repent and turn to You and ask that You accept my tardy recognition in my errant thinking and ways. Thank You Father for returning Your JOY and favor unto me! AMEN ~ LESSON: OUR OBEDIENCE of His command to love self, as ye are loved by God, and to love others as you are loved by God ~ this heart condition must be met BEFORE the promise of GOD's JOY will flourish in me. HIS PROMISE to CIRCLE and KEEP: "You will show me the way of life. Being with You is to be full of joy. In Your right hand there is happiness forever. " PSALM 16:11 New Life(NLV)


  1. TOUCH ME Lord, give me all that I need to know to sustain and increase the FIRE I have for You, that I may ignite those around me with a hunger for more of You.

  2. "The fear of human opinion disables." The wisdom of God found in Proverbs 29:25 ~ TAKE the freedom JESUS purchased for you with His blood, be FREE of concern over what other people think because you are FULL of HIS JOY! Few attitudes rob a saint of their happiness more and cause more damage than a NEED to please everyone, all the time. THINK OF JESUS, He said "I TELL YOU THE TRUTH" and some received it, and some did not. OH WELL, some will, some won't, so what did Jesus do? He moved on. Do NOT miss God's purpose for your life, by becoming people pleasers, BUT be filled with a burning FIRE for more of JESUS, and in that perpetual flame, all else will be burned away like dross. The fear of rejection, is a fear ~ Who are we to fear when we have the Lord Jesus in us, and by our side? We CANNOT be what God wants us to be if we always worry about what other people think! STRIVE therefore to please GOD and receive His pleasure in these words "Well done, my good and faithful servant." See ya at His banqueting table with a blazing fire in your heart and a victorious silent grin on your lovely face!

  3. Living as a Christian is hopeless without the Holy Ghost ~ TRUTH IS: Only the Holy Spirit gives us revelation from God’s Word. Only the Holy Ghost, the invisible inner Man can help us obey what God has called us to do. We were filled fully, the Person of the Holy Spirit entered us wholly, not just a toe, or a hand, but His Holy Person entered us, to lead, guide, and teach us. When we surrender to His Presence, to His power, to His will, we are controlled by His Spirit, and He changes us as His love emanates from us.

    We are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. Who does God intend us to be? He created us with unique personalities, He gifted us and His Holy Spirit dwells within us that we would BE like Him, that we would love others as we are loved, that we would forgive others as we have been forgiven.

    We were changed by God, for His purpose, and as we TRUST and OBEY, we bring Him glory.