Monday, July 9, 2012


Allegiance = Promised loyalty
To the flag = a symbol for USA
Of America = a UNION of people
To the Republic = sovereign man
For which it stands = government
One Nation = United States
Under God = Led by God
Indivisible = can NOT be separated
With Liberty = Freedom to pursue
And Justice = Entitled to fair laws
For All = Afforded to each person
Regardless of race, religion, color, creed, or any other criteria ~ when Americans pledge their allegiance, their loyalty, their faith in a place, or a person, we relinquish our faith in God as the King of Kings. LET us PLEDGE a holy switch of loyalty from the symbol of the flag, to the symbol of the cross! Citizens of Stockton rise up, wake up and shout that we are united against evil, we are under God's rule and we pledge loyalty to our Lord Jesus Christ. Our holy God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit wait upon our call, our cry for His mercy, His grace, His favor to flood our rivers, fill our minds, and cast out the demons, the fear, the hate. A clear warning in REV 2:10 when John warns the church that any glory given to Babylon is glory that belongs to God. Citizens of Stockton have been under the influence of Babylon, and now we are under the supernatural MIGHTY influence of God's Soverign power, and we are set up to be CHANGED by His living and active WORD! We are a community unified in our HOPE in GOD to deliver us from the darkness. We vow to no longer give glory to a party of people, but we GIVE GOD all the GLORY for what His GOOD plans are for Stockton. John describes a marriage between God and His people and they are to be loyal lovers of Yahweh, for their faith to remain in God alone. His bride, a New Jerusalem, a new metropolis of people who live together with a purpose of glorifying God. Oh Lord, let us be JUBILANT as we honor Your holy living Word:
And to the community of people
For which it still stands
A NEW Metropolis, our Jerusalem
our City of Stockton Under God
INDIVISIBLE - incorruptible
with freedom for all captives
by a drawn circle of the bondage
breaking BLOOD of Lord Jesus Christ!
Revelation 21:3 "and God himself will be be with them; He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain any more, for the former things have passed away" The former things have passed away, the old way of doing business, the old way of depending on elected officials, and the NEW WAY, God's way ~ is to HONOR Him by placing our HOPE in HIM for our recovery from the sin of self-indulgence and self-sufficiency, and be HEALED by our FOCUS on Jesus. With eyes FIXED on HIS PLAN, HIS WORD, HIS WAY, HIS ECONOMY of everlasting SUPPLY. STAND FIRM and SPEAK the BLOOD of JESUS around your family. "HAVE FAITH IN GOD" Trust that every Word of Scripture is TRUE and PLEDGE your allegiance, your FAITH in Jesus. NEW big employers moving into Stockton creating NEW jobs, NEW fresh gangs of GOOD in hoods full of the JOY of the LORD, NEW safety in schools and parks, NEW events that include Christian artists playing at the Stockton Event Center, NEW resources pouring in to Stockton, NEW LIFE in STOCKTON with NEW statistics about our crime rate dramatically dropping, NEW news columns written about why people are moving into the NEW Stockton! I AM TRUSTING GOD TO DELIVER THIS VISION AND MORE!


  1. DAY TWO of BOLD PRAYERS for the City of Stockton. June 26, 2012 - NEWS trucks from every station circled City Hall, and Mike and I circled the City of Stockton with the blood of Jesus and proclaimed ALOUD, that the powerful blood of JESUS is at work to deliver the city from the dark, from the bondage of satan, and into the HOLY LIGHT of Jesus! All debt to the liar has been wiped away! WE ARE FREE to speak the Word of God in FAITH and watch GOD in ACTION. Stockton is in the NEWS 6/26/12 for being the largest city in the USA to file bankruptcy! PRAISE GOD for HE IS SOVEREIGN, on the THRONE, and He hears the cry of His people. NEXT time Stockton will be in the news, it WILL for the PRAISE OF GOD, for its MIRACULOUS recovery, in GOD's economy, by His hand. AMEN!

  2. We agree in faith (where two or three agree), Jesus said He would do what we ask. A spiritual work of restoration in this city, in Jesus Name. Mike

  3. PSALM 16:11 NLT ~ "You will show me the way of life. Being with You is to be full of joy. In Your right hand there is happiness forever." TOUCH ME Lord, give me all that I need to know to sustain and increase the FIRE I have for You, that I may ignite those around me with a hunger for more of You. Enable us Lord to pass off the FIRE of Your love to the next generation. Longevity is an expression of momentum of a value, a wisdom, and the unforced rhythm of Your divine grace and love. Let us live well and end with a passion that makes our discipline to seek after You ~ that we become Your magnets for people seeking the ultimate pleasure in this world, a personal relationship with JESUS. let us be enraptured by what You reveal to us in the book of Revelation: That Your eyes are lit with fire. That our Lord Jesus Christ dances over us with a LET LOOSE LOVE for how He created us. Make us passionate followers that will pay the price of looking ridiculous, as we speak outrageious truths about His power to change and sustain His power and FIRE for Christ in us. Oh Lord, let us be CONTAGIOUS to all who come in contact, to all who we smile upon. When we speak the name of JESUS, may the people weep as they recognize the VALUE of His precious name.