Sunday, July 1, 2012

RE-BORN for His purpose

PEOPLE fall into dark holes of depression, into pits of pain, and walk into caves of curiosity. Seeking "Who am I, and why am I here?" Our desire to know the TRUTH to finalize our quest for meaning leads us to follow and fall into MYTHICAL beliefs. The reality is, the truth is --- Who relieves suffering? Who meets you in the pit? What living visible being can say that they have seen God? Nobody can adjust, change or influence what we know for certain happened to us. CONSIDER the last time you felt alone, in a pit of depression? WHY the gradual shift of thought? What compels us from within to choose a new focus? AFTER we get over the shock of an unwanted event, after we surrender our pity party, after we realize that our ways do not work, we then begin to see the value in the ongoing reality of how powerful our Source of life is. We can all speak confidently of how God has changed us. Sharing the gospel of truth, is sharing who we were on our own without Jesus, feeling perhaps fearful, unwanted, insecure ---to knowing by faith, that by accepting Jesus as Lord, the entire body, person and strength of the Holy Spirit was immediately deposited within instruct us, comfort us, and to transform us from who we were, to who we were re-born to be. Thankful for a 2nd life of service to the One who gave us new life in Him, for Him. Remember THE HOLE, the pit in which you were found? Remember trying all other ways to get out on your own?Remember crying out for help? Remember Who came down from heaven, Who picked you up and carried you out? Who wants to live alone in a dark hole? REMEMBERING what Jesus has done for each soul that called out for HELP! I am cheering the work that Jesus is doing in the hearts and minds of all those who committed to come together in His precious name during this season in 2012. Answering the call, we simply show up, invite Him to personally counsel us, comfort us and teach us --- and we get to witness, to observe in AWE a confidence growing! That as as we individually and earnestly pursue more of Jesus...that He joyfully responds with soul satisfying nourishment! The royal edible living, life changing Word of God is the gift of the Holy Spirit to all who would but receive Jesus as the Son of God. A growing group of believers, are awakened and aware of His ever Presence! Celebrating His manifest Presence, we feel His peace, joy and delight randomly throughout the day! Jesus hovers above us bursting with joy to watch and listen to His chosen share their delight in Him. The Person of the Holy Spirit speaks personally to all who are focused to hear a personal word from the Lord. It is so very thrilling and over-whelming to REJOICE with others in our very own relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord --- our ever present God of tangible love and life altering power.

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